Frequently Asked Questions

It depends. Contact us, and if the pitch/accommodation booked is available you can come.

Yes, although we wait until 3 p.m. the next day before cancelling the booking.

You will have to wait for the pitch/accommodation to be delivered, but in the meantime you can take the opportunity to visit the campsite.

Nothing, because if the pitch/accommodation is paid for that day, it is not given to anyone else.

Please wait at least 24 hours for the bank details to be received.

If the booking has been paid for, you will receive confirmation of payment by email, this can vary (5 - 6 days).

Drop by the office, leave a document and if guests stay longer than an hour, you pay the relevant fee.

The campsite is located 1,373 metres above sea level.

Yes, just keep him tied up and always pick up after him. If you run out of bags for their needs, you can ask for them at reception.

If you are staying in a mobile home, you must inform us at the time of booking.

No, showers are free, but do not abuse them, water is precious and should not be wasted!

Yes, we have a baby room within the central service block.

Light, fridge and coffee machine.

A motorbike (or car) is included in the pitch fee, other vehicles are charged according to the current price list.

Yes, but this service is only available in July and August.

Yes. We use Mattioli Service, which is not far from the campsite.

All accommodation has a fully equipped kitchenette.