Are you ready to start a taste journey and discover the outstanding Val di Fiemme specialties? You will discover an interesting variant of Trentino cuisine, which is the result of a mixture of different traditions (Lombardy, Veneto and Central Europe).

All ingredients used come from local, down-to-earth farming traditions: These include potatoes, sauerkraut, millet and wheat. They are used to prepare irresistible dishes: Goulash soups, dumplings or the classic polenta, the traditional "cajoncie”-ravioli and hearty barley soups.

Many products that will delight your palate your heart...

Cheese is undoubtedly the absolute star among local products. Here you will find many flavourful and strong cheeses, including Dolomiti, Fontàl, Val di Fiemme or the airy "ricotta" made from goat's milk and the famous goat's cheese from Cavalese. Accompanied by local honey, they taste even better.

But before you go home, you must also try the other specialties: local sausage and meat specialties, honey, jams and berry compote, delicious game dishes and the many mushroom recipes.

And how do these hearty dishes taste best? Of course, when accompanied by a selection of wines from Trentino and craft beers from Val di Fiemme.

The specialties that you can taste in Val di Fiemme are mainly prepared according to the so-called "good manufacturing practice". All raw materials used are produced by regional suppliers (local suppliers) and owe their special character to the close connection to their country of origin.

The Cheese Route of the Dolomites crosses the entire valley as a network of producers and marketers who produce traditional cheeses. Its goal is to maintain and promote regional added value.