Itineraries on foot

The advantage of exploring a small town is that you can't get lost. So let's start by exploring the old courtyards and stables in the area. You will notice that the smaller the village, the easier it is to encounter farm animals!

The forest paths around the campsite are also well signposted and allow you to get to various attractions: the life trail, the Tibetan bridge, the sensory trail, the Travignolo river and even the centre of Predazzo!

How to explore the village

The small 'secret' streets, far from the main street, are always full of surprises... but the best thing is that you do not encounter any risks.

Sooner or later, no doubt, you will come across a fountain. It will be a perfect opportunity to allow yourself a break, letting go of the hurry and any anxiety that big city life imposes.

Children also take their first steps in freedom on the paths around the villages. And if they are still travelling in pushchairs, just take a carriage path through the nearest forest. A nice snack is in order here, perhaps choosing the best picnic table!